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14:33 | 2024-03-08

friendship overpowers all

14:56 | 2023-09-03

i prefer freestyling on absolutely tapped drill beats to therapy

14:52 | 2023-09-03

i just know her tumblr would've gone crazy

14:38 | 2023-09-03

going grocery shopping without a list as a problem solving excersize

14:32 | 2023-09-03

if the clothes don't have an ink stain, they are not mine

01:13 | 2023-09-02

nothing calms down so effectively as doing good work

01:05 | 2023-09-02

i'm succeeding at not being an asshole and sometimes, that is enough.

23:02 | 2023-09-01

i love writing html under the covers

11:10 | 2023-08-30

now i do what i want to do

now i do what i need to do

now i do what i care to do

now i do what i do

15:14 | 2023-08-24

less input; more output

12:27 | 2023-08-24

"now i do what i want" is a powerful mantra.

11:20 | 2023-08-24

showing up where i'm needed

showing up where i'm useful

showing up where i'm calm

showing up where i'm free

13:21 | 2023-08-22

I love picking fruit. You must gently pick the ripe ones, leaving the unripe fruits undisturbed. There's no point in forcefully taking something that is not ready.

I should treat myself with the same gentleness, not asking for more than I'm ready to give, letting the unripe parts of myself become with time.

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